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Joanda is inspired by his home on the warm mediterranean coast to compose the harmonies and melodies that cannot help but move us, to create the unique sound of his native terre du Sud (south country).

Movie – At the Corner Bistro

Poster - Au bistro du coinJoanda participated in the dubbing into Occitan of the first feature-length movie shown in the cinema simultaneously in 6 regional languages. The movie is a comedy called Au bistro du coin (At the Corner Bistro), which is translated in Occitan as Lo cabaret d’en fàcia.

The film is produced by Sébastien Fechner, directed by Charles Nemes, with Eddy Mitchell, Bruno Solo, Eric and Ramzy, Vincent Desagnat … Also Fred Testot, who works notably in the series Omar et Fred, in the principal role. In the Occitan version, Fred’s voice is that of Joanda.

Au bistro du coin / Lo cabaret d’en fàcia is being shown simultaneously in French and 6 regional languages: Breton, Creole, Ch’ti, Corsican, Alsatian and Occitan.

Producer Sébastien Fechner explains:

“At the beginning, we wanted the bar to be like what it would be if Fred Testot, who plays Manu, was the real bar owner. Right away, we started having fun ‘customizing’ the half-Tourangeau, half-Corsican bar. Very soon after, it was suggested that it would be fun to dub the film in Corsican, and one thing led to another, and we started saying ‘And why not Breton? And Alsatian? And Ch’ti? And Occitan?’ So it ended up that the film is going to be distributed simultaneously in six regional languages along with French, which means that we’ve had to delay the release in order to complete all of the versions. However, this plan wasn’t doable at the beginning. We had to assemble five post-production crews in each region, composed of the voice-over actors and a studio team for very specific technical needs. As a point of interest, we had to redo the film credits because 300 names were added! I think that this is a unique experiment, and I hope that it causes others to try it.”

We filmed in the studio while Joanda was recording the voice of Fred Testot in Occitan. He gives his impressions:

“I’m a singer and songwriter in Occitan, and I discovered in this dubbing the same kind of studio recording work, which is the attempt to convey the whole subtlety of a text in a language which has an entirely different cadence or expressions unique to it. It’s a different kind of music, but being an Occitan singer I really had a blast in adapting formats!”

Watch an extract of the movie (Occitan version):

Watch the making of the Occitan dubbing of the film Au bistro du coin / Lo cabaret d’en fàcia and others videos (reportages, trailer, extracts):

Offical release date of the film Au bistro du coin / Lo cabaret d’en fàcia: Wednesday, 16 March, 2011.