A travel in the South of Mediterranean

Joanda is inspired by his home on the warm mediterranean coast to compose the harmonies and melodies that cannot help but move us, to create the unique sound of his native terre du Sud (south country).


Born in southern France, where the waves of the Mediterranean converse with the deep echoes of the languedoc landscape, Joanda loves listening to the world. And he writes and sings about it. Carressed by the soft wind of his native land of Occitania, it is precisely here that he wrote the songs of his latest album Entre 2 Mondes (Between 2 Worlds). Joanda
This new album was recorded under the aegis of Bruno Mylonas (who had produced Vanessa Paradis and Aldebert, among others), of Erick Benzi (Yannick Noah, Jean-Jacques Goldman) and of Laurent Guéneau (Sinsémilia, Souad Massi). Here, Joanda and his fellow musicians offer us an album where contemporary guitar sounds are mixed with traditional Occitan and mediterranean instruments. Like a journey to the heart of southern France.

His first album Register allowed Joanda to perform in dozens of festivals and concerts, and meet his ever-growing fan base. Joanda has shared the stage of many great artists like Buika, Amadou & Mariam, Luz Casal and even Cesária Évora. Joanda also took part in work sessions in ‘Voix du Sud’ (Southern Voices), under the aegis of Francis Cabrel.

Joanda has been aired on Radio France, followed by France Television, printed in newspapers like Le Nouvel Observateur and Telerama. He is also involved in many artistic projects : music director for the cartoon ‘Ma petite planète chérie’ (My dear little planet), dubbing (in occitan) for motion pictures and documentaries, song-writer for other singers, radio commentator on France Bleu, as well as author (Le Petit Dico du Pays d’Oc). He has also played on a prime-time music TV show on France 2.

JoandaAfter many appearances in bookstores and more than 100 concerts played to promote his first album, Joanda goes back on the road with 5 musicians, to share with us his latest album, and a great show by a true artist.